Kenya is one of the fastest growing countries in East Africa and has made remarkable progress in unlocking its already recognized renewable energy potential. In efforts to boost the sector, renewable energy solutions for Africa is holding a two day conference to discuss more developments in the sector.

After launching its Kenya program in 2016, renewable energy solutions for Africa returns with a 2-day regional conference in Nairobi. The event, organized in collaboration with the Africa-EU energy partnership aims to assess progress made, foster further dialogue and discuss best practices for effective renewable energy deployment in the region.

Over 300 participants and more than 70 speakers are attending the conference, including representatives of the Kenyan government, international financial institutions and many others, to discuss ways to develop and grow the industry

The 2-day conference agenda will touch upon the key topics for renewable energy deployment such. As enabling policy and regulatory frameworks, financing solutions among many others. The development of African start-ups and its entrepreneurial innovation scene plays a key role in driving the region’s sustainable energy transition.