Akon has been making very big moves in silence. After previously stating his plans to open his own city overseas—it appears that he has come through with his promise, as he just gave fans an update on “AKON CITY.”

Taking to social media, Akon posted an update regarding the plans for his own city in Senegal—and things are definitely going well. He shared the news that the deal is done for AKON CITY to be built in Senegal. In an Instagram post complete with a photo of him with the signed agreement, he wrote the caption “Just finalized the agreement for AKON CITY in Senegal. Looking forward to hosting you there in the future.”

Akon has been working towards developing his own city in Senegal since March 2019, when initial construction began. Back then he explained his aspirations for AKON CITY during an interview with Nick Cannon, saying “We started construction in March, and stage two is going to be 2025. It’s in Senegal, West Africa.”

At the time, he also explained that the city would have an economy that would use Akoin, the official cryptocurrency he created. Additionally, the city will have its own airport that will run completely on solar power.

While further details about AKON CITY are still under wraps and there is no timeline on when the city will be officially open to travelers, the fact that things have been finalized is certainly a good start.

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