The tea keeps flowing from an account claiming to be one of R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriends, Joycelyn Savage, who allegedly detailed in her latest chapter that she has been pregnant twice before by R. Kelly.

The pregnancies were allegedly a product of the sexual abuse she endured while staying with him and his other women in his home. He allegedly forced her to abort the babies and she claims she had the procedure done in his home.

Some fans were confused given the fact that the account appeared to share what looked like a negative pregnancy test with her latest journal entry.

Other harrowing claims from this chpater include Joycelyn and others were urinated on frequently during sex with R. Kelly and if they rejected him, he would allegedly force them to consume his feces.

The account claiming to be Joycelyn also alleged that in addition to denying her food, R. Kelly also wouldn’t let Joycelyn have pads or other feminine products while she was on her period without his permission.

This was the third chapter the account has shared with fans after Joycelyn allegedly vowed to break her silence and allegiance to R. Kelly, who is currently incarcerated on sexual assault and child pornography charges.

Joycelyn was one of R. Kelly’s former live-in girlfriends who supported him through his many legal troubles, often making appearances at his court dates.

Just this past week, the account claiming to be Joycelyn promised to break her silence about her relationship with R. Kelly and tell her side of the story, and man, did the account deliver.

The account has been telling her alleged story through the digital medium of Patreon. In  two former journal entries, there are details of R. Kelly’s alleged controlling nature as well physical and emotional abuse.