Amani National Congress (ANC) party offices in Kakamega County was set ablaze on Monday, June 29, by unknown assailants.

Residents living around the office saw smoke billowing from the office early in the morning but could not identify those responsible for starting the fire.

This came after the party witnessed a number of squabbles with the latest being the expulsion of Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala on Friday, June 26.

Neighbours who first responded to the fire broke the door to try and contain the inferno but found documents in the office burned to ashes.

Residents also claim that they found one of the windows broken and believe the arsonists used it to access the office.

Police who arrived at the scene to commence investigations to determine the cause of the fire called for more time as they gather more information.

Patrick Ndikarama boda boda operator in the area was one of the first people to witness the fire but unfortunately had a client at the time.

“I had a passenger who I was ferrying to town and saw some smoke around the offices. After dropping the passenger I came back and alerted a plumber who advised me to talk to the office caretaker.

“When we arrived we found most of the documents set on fire and broke in to put¬†out the fire,” he explained.