The popular quartet, Sauti Sol, were under massive attack two weeks ago after a casting email went viral stating that models would only be provided for food and transport to appear on their music video with no other compensation.

Sauti Sol came out strongly to condemn the company responsible for casting the models on their behalf removing themselves from any blame. However, this boat did not float with most Kenyans who continue to point an accusing finger to the artists who many believe were behind the casting call.

‘’We have been made aware of an email going around asking models to appear in a Sauti Sol dance video production for no compensation. The production email address it was sent from is often used by 3rd party contractors and in this case they clearly got it all wrong.

“We believe in fair compensation for all work in the entertainment industry and do not condone the “exposure” speak. We believe our track record speaks for itself. Needless to say, we have terminated our contract with the production company involved and apologize for this misunderstanding,’’ Sauti Sol had responded.

Just as the dust seemed to be settling down, it shows no sign of going away anytime soon as more and more models including Ajuma speak up against poor pay and other ills that go on behind closed doors in the local modeling industry.

As many continue to dig into the matter, Anyiko has been on the receiving end having been the group’s publicist for years. But it has come to our attention that she is no longer their publicist.

‘’I’ve been receiving numerous calls regarding this recent @sautisol statement, and tweet response. Let’s be clear – I am no longer working as Publicist to Sauti Sol. My last day was January 10th 2017. However my company @anyikopr has done PR – ONLY – for their last 2 singles “Melanin & Girl Next Door.” She posted a few days ago responding to some of the comments online.

Anyiko was the force behind Sauti Sol’s popularity and is one of the most esteemed publicists in East Africa with clients from Africa and overseas.

Source SDE