Atheists in Kenya have condemned the Nairobi County assembly for a law they passed last week prohibiting commercial sex work in the city and now want the law repealed.

The atheists termed the legislation as retrogressive and said that the law violates human and civil rights of commercial sex workers.

They have threatened to take unspecified action which is aimed at protecting the rights of prostitutes in Nairobi if the law is not repealed within 14 days.

According to the National AIDS Control Council, HIV prevalence among sex workers is among the highest among various groups.

The national average declined significantly according to the report having been recorded at 6.04 per cent in 2014.

Among male prostitutes, the prevalence was recorded at 18.2 per cent in 2016 with that of people injecting themselves with drugs captured at 18.3.

According to the 2016 profile, the HIV and AIDS burden in the country was estimated to have accounted for twenty-nine per cent of annual adult deaths.