Paul Ongili Owino better known as Babu Owino is not new to controversy. He has his face splashed in the local dailies and blogs every other day. He has been called the ‘Robert Mugabe’ of University of Nairobi for his student leader term that never seems to come to an end. He however insists his stay at the hem of the institution’s student leadership is valid and constitutional.
Babu Owino was at Ebru Studios for ‘Tonight Live with Dr. Ofweneke’ show and had a lengthy and interesting conversation about his political ambition and personal life. He considers himself a simple man and does not consider himself controversial as portrayed by the media.
With a First Class Honours Degree in Actuarial Science, Babu Owino believes education has no limit. This belief justifies his acquisition of 4 diplomas and his enrollment at the University of Nairobi pursuing a Law degree.
When asked how much he is worth, Owino declined to disclose the amount citing security reasons, further adding that a man’s wealth is in brain.
The married man and a father of two (5 year old boy and 5 month old girl) says he will vie for the Embakasi East Constituency parliamentary seat and asserts that he will emerge victorious.

A vocal man of his stature must have made enemies along the way and when asked how he handles the hate that stems from people opposed to him, he states that he is not driven by his enemies conception and classifies their antics as ‘negative energy’.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation that he let out is the fact that if he was not destined to be a politician, he would have been a pastor. He attributes this to the fact that he is a very spiritual man who loves the Lord further quoting Jeremiah 29:11 as his favourite Bible verse. He says he is not embarrassed of the Word of God and he preaches in campaigns and in church whenever he gets the chance.

Babu Owino is famed for coining the word ‘Tibim’ which has become a vocabulary for youth in Kenya. He was asked the meaning of the phrase and his answer might come as a surprise. Watch the video below.