Beauty 2 The Streetz owner, Shirley Raines, is giving back to the community one Saturday at a time.

According to her, it all started after her video was posted on The Shade Room a few years ago. That’s when the movement picked up steam and donations started to pour in and people signed up to volunteer.

Her organization is not government funded. All money comes from people who want to give back.

Shirley stated,

“Actually a long time ago, The Shade Room shared me and that was one of the biggest things that helped my movement. The people on social media started to send money, volunteer, and give back.”

She continued, 

“It was an old video of mine and it had music.  I was washing hair, helping people, and feeding the homeless. I don’t know where it came from but The Shade Room shared that and it was definitely a boost. I think people thought we were one and done or doing it for attention. I’ve been doing this for years.”

This all started  after she lost her child, due to a terrible accident. She needed a way to heal from her trauma.

“I had to find a purpose for my pain. The death of my child is why I started to do this. My grandmother was careless. She left medicine around and he got into it.”

Because she didn’t have support from families or therapy, she insisted on helping others to not feel like they were alone.

“Black families, we don’t talk about our tragedy. It was an accident and we just prayed.

Everyone involved in the situation has passed now, but I was still around, carrying this pain and I had to make sure that others in pain did not feel alone.”

Initially, she had no intention on giving haircuts or doing hair. She only wanted to provide food. However, she’s glad she can assist in more ways than one.

“I went out there to feed food but people noticed my hair and makeup. I’m just good at it and it organically happened.”

The medical healthcare professional shows up three times a week on Skid Row to give back to the homeless. Each and every Saturday on the corner of 5th and Towne Ave, there is also an outside mall that provides sleeping bags, tents, and clothes for those in need.

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