In the very wise words of American Fashion designer Tom Ford, dressing well is a form of good manners. This goes out to all the gentlemen. Wearing dirty and tattered jeans with sandals/flip flops and walking around like you own the town is not cool. Dressing shabbily should be made illegal, in fact there should to be a clause in the constitution that forbids men from dressing like they are from a battalion and their clothes got destroyed by bomb shrapnel. You never know who you will run into or who is watching.

It is quite understandable that putting together a male outfit that steals the show is no easy task. However, this should not be used as an excuse for men to wear outfits that do not make sense.

With that out of the way, men who have a difficult time deciding what to wear can seek help from male fashion magazines or follow fashion trends from renowned male personalities in the lime light. This post will feature some of the best dressed male artistes in Africa who never to disappoint when it comes to matters fashion.


This Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer is not afraid to try out new colours. His suits are always colourful and yet so clean and tidy. He is undoubtedly one of the best dressed male artistes in Africa. Every time Banky W steps out, heads turn. Do not be afraid to put on colourful suits. Steal some tips from Banky.


Like earlier stated, Banky is not afraid of experimenting with colours. Check out the blue, green and maroon suits that are surprisingly appealing to the eye. Discard the blacks and grey suits that are slowly becoming cliche.



This member of Africa’s biggest boy band in East Africa, Sauti Sol had to make the list. He is by far the best dressed out of all the boys in the band. He has a very interesting style and his blazers are always spectacular. check him out below.


Savara Mudigi is a gentleman than knows how to dress, period!


This Congolese singers style is crisp and sophisticated. He follows his own unique pattern of clothing because only him can pull the looks. You can however try and get a few tips from one of the biggest singers in Africa. Take a look below.


Fally Ipupa knows how to pull any outfit through. Whether a casual outfit or something more official, you can always get some useful tips from him. Begin following him, NOW!


The Ghanaian artist with massive hits like ‘Azonto’ and ‘Antennae’ has not only mastered the art of entertaining through his music but also boldly rocking African print in his outfits. For all the gentlemen who love Ankara patterns, Fuse is your go to guy.


Gentlemen, embrace bold patterns and African print and pull it off just like Fuse ODG.


Casper is a force to reckon with in the African Hip Hop Scene. With heavy bars and catchy rhythms, he has risen to be a star not only in South Africa but the entire Africa. His rap talent is not the only thing he is known for. Casper wears bold and catchy outfits that might not work on normal occasions but he has a way of ensuring he leaves everyone’s jaw on the ground. Check out his phenomenal outfits.


How nice is the white casual outfit, and just how bold yet invigorating is that green outfit? Casper just shows that you can go wild with colours and still make it work.


The ‘Number One’ hit singer’s style can be described as avant-garde. He likes to incorporate a little bit of up town swag to his outfits that surprisingly end up looking great. If you are the type to go the edgy way, then Diamond is definitely your man.


He seems to love a touch of red in his outfits. He knows how to make the edgy outfits work so start following his fashion trends.


The Mi Casa Boy Band lead singer has a very simple yet well thought out style. You can actually tell he takes time to think about his outfits. Whether casual or official, this singer knows the type of clothes that suit him. He was even named GQ’s best dressed male celebrity in South Africa, and no one opposes that fact. Check him out below.

The combat waist coat is everything!


Lynxx is a Nigerian rapper whose massive ‘Fine Lady’ hit made him a household name. Apart from being a phenomenal artiste, Lynxx has mastered the art of dressing to impress. His style can be classified as classy and clean with a business like appearance. It is important to mention that he knows how to pull off an outfit with a good sweater.


How clean are these outfits? The sweater and the glasses present a very sophisticated look.


This gentleman needs no introduction. His outfits always make a statement. He is the type of gentleman who will stand out in the middle of the crowd just by his well put together clothes. It is extremely difficult to find exact words to describe his style, he might be a combination of all the above mentioned gentlemen.

D’Banj might be the best dressed male celebrity in Africa and it is not hard to see why.

You are allowed to steal a few tips here and there, incorporate  them into your own style and watch yourself transform in to a dapper gentlemen. Dress impeccably and make the haters stop hating and begin emulating.