Betty Kyallo, a mother of one, on Sunday, May 24 opened up on her plans to soon get a second child.

She revealed that while she was committed to raising Ivanna, her daughter with  Dennis Okari, she felt it was time to look for a new partner, one preferably divorced like herself.

In the second episode of her new web series, Betty Kyallo Lately, she argued that having a partner who had dealt with divorce would make for a stronger relationship.

“At the end of the day, it’s about our kids. And I actually want another one. So if there are potential bachelors out there, I’m not sure if I actually would want a divorced guy, a single guy who hasn’t been married or a widower.

“I’m always pulling in that direction of divorced man because I think we could understand each other. Because I’ve been through it.

“I feel like when you have somebody who’s divorced, it’s almost like they know things can go wrong. So they try as much as possible for things not to go wrong,” she stated.

In the episode, Betty took fans behind the scenes as she drove around Nairobi, running various errands and attending meetings.

The new series which has quickly gained a large following takes a ‘day in the life’ format and follows Betty as she goes about her regular activities.

In the second episode, she was seen joking with her child and sister before leaving her home to buy shoes. Later in the day, she had a meeting with a skincare company before inspecting renovation works at a new her salon.

She had earlier revealed that her salon, Flair by Betty, was set to move to a new location almost three times bigger than the current space.

Looking back at her initial venture into the beauty industry, as a business partner at Posh Palace, the anchor maintained that she was proud of her progress as an entrepreneur.

She revealed that some of her clients at Posh Palace who followed her to Flair by Betty complained over the place being small and uncomfortable.

“My new place, God has been good to me. Honestly, it has been a blessing. And let me tell you by the way, never ever feel like you cannot be bigger.

“When I left Posh Palace and went to Flair by Betty, the salon was actually smaller than the previous one. There were clients who kept saying, eh Betty, this place is smaller, it’s not like the previous one, it’s squeezed.

“Those things at that time really hurt, but right now I just go like these were just people being people and brutally honest in their own way. It’s not the right thing to say to someone who has worked so hard, but hey.

“And then, here we go. Two and a half years later, we have moved from the old location to the new location which is like three times bigger,” she stated.