The rash of ice cream licking pranks continues as yet another person in Texas has been arrested for tampering with the frozen treat.

Port Arthur, Texas police issued an arrest warrant for D’Adrien Anderson after he was seen opening and licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream at a Texas Walmart Monday evening.

The video ended with Anderson placing the tub of ice cream back in the freezer after tampering with it. His video was posted to Facebook and Instagram and has been viewed more than 125,000 times. The superstore’s surveillance video shows him later removing the same carton from the refrigerated section and purchasing it. 

Although another customer did not purchase the licked ice cream, the county district attorney revealed how the store was forced to dispose of all its Blue Bell ice cream after the incident. The charges stem from that monetary loss and the cost of the police investigation as Walmart ultimately lost revenue due to replacing the ice cream stock.reports Anderson was apprehended on Thursday. He posted a $1,000 bail at the Jefferson County Jail early Friday morning. The 24-year-old was booked on a Class A Misdemeanor criminal mischief charges. 

On Wednesday evening, Anderson posted a video in an attempt to apologize for his behavior.

Source:BET News