Leadership wrangles have threatened to derail operations at a dairy farmer’s cooperative society in Bungoma County.

The wrangles have seen a former chair block the management from accessing finances that has delayed payments to farmers who have delivered milk.

The wrangles have pitted board of director’s chair, Johnston Nyongesa and the manager, Bonventure Masibo and Bungoma county executive committee member for agriculture, Mathews Makanda against each other.

Chair, Johnston Nyongesa, has accused the society’s manager of trying to ask for a bank loan worth 60 million shillings for a milk processing plant.

He claims that the procurement process of acquiring the milk processing plant was not properly executed, and that the 60 million shillings was not feasible for the society as the borrowing powers by the farmers during the annual general meeting was set at 5 million shillings.

The society manager Bonventure Masibo on the other hand dismissed the claims by the chairman adding that he was just disgruntled for missing out on an allowance and that the delay in paying of farmers was because Nyongesa had resigned and therefore affected the release of funds.

Agriculture county executive committee member, Mathews Makanda however denied he was involved in the sourcing of the supplier and that he was introduced to the supplier by the management after they paid him a courtesy call in his office, and that he was going to revive the dairy cooperative.

The farmers have complained that they have failed to get payment for milk they have delivered to the cooperative society. The farmers protested at the offices of the county government to demand payments and ask the CEC to intervene in the running of the society.

Belick Juma, a farmer, said the wrangles among the board members were to blame for the farmers missing out on their dues.

The farmers are saying the wrangles have caused blocking of funds at the bank and no money has been released to pay them, an issue that affects how they take care of their animals because they need money to do so.