It was an abundance of cuteness as cousins Chicago West and True Thompson recently hit the streets for some cousin bonding time, followed by a trip to Target. All the fun was captured in a ridiculously cute set of videos.

Kim Kardashian recently posted a series of adorable videos of her daughter Chicago West, who turns two this month, and her niece True Thompson, Khloe Kardashian’s daughter, who will also turn two soon. The two cousins appeared to have enjoyed the cute day out, which included a lunch that both little girls couldn’t seem to get enough of—and also a trip to everyone’s favorite retail chain, Target.

In one video, cutie pie Chicago is seen feeding little True a bite of food, as the two of them then do a little happy dance after eating the obviously delicious meal. However, that wasn’t the only fun the pair had because a Target run was next on the agenda.

In another video, Chicago and True are sitting inside the Target shopping cart and being pushed around, while they laugh and squeal with delight. At one point, Chicago can be heard saying, “Again! Again!”

Chicago was also captured counting to three before the two little BFF’s race down the aisle in the shopping cart giggling and living their best toddler lives. Kim even captioned the videos with, “Swipe for major cuteness.”

Could these two little cuties be gearing up for a possible spinoff in the future? We can only hope!

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