Christmas and New Year is when most family members and friends exchange gifts. The amount of time, consideration and money invested into getting a loved one the perfect gift can leave you frustrated.

Let us not forget how horrible it feels when you spend a lot of time looking for a perfect gift and then the recipient ends up disappointed.

Gifting should be considered an art. Getting your loved one that perfect gift is not an easy task.

Here are some few tips to consider when choosing the perfect gifts for loved ones.

1.Write down ideas. Ideas come at the oddest hours sometimes and if you do not write them down you might forget them.

You might remember that your sister has always wanted that trendy purse while you are at work. Take out your note book or phone and write that down. It might come in handy when you are deciding what to get her for Christmas or her birthday.

2. Pick a gift that relates to their personality. Of course you know your family and friends well and you know what they like.

If, for instance, a friend is a music lover, you can get them their favorite artist’s latest album or new speakers. If they love sports you can buy jerseys or sports items. This is perhaps the easiest tip to help you get good gifts for your family and friends.

3. Think outside the box. Please be creative when giving gifts. Do not give basic and common gifts. Give your loved one a good surprise.

The gifts you give do not even have to be expensive. All you need to do is some proper research and get creative. You can give them lovely souvenirs for those who travel a lot or even some cultural fabric.

4. Give handmade gifts. Handmade gifts are thoughtful and will make the recipient feel special because of the amount of time invested in making them.

Handmade gifts may include picture frames, scrap books or for the handy people, furniture. Anything made by hand will be a pleasant surprise. Get handy!

5. Accompany the gift with a letter. Most people forget to include letters when they send a gift. Write your loved one a letter and you can even explain why you are sending them that particular gift.

If you write a sweet letter from the heart, chances are the recipient might forget the gift but the words of the letter will remain with them for a long long time. Do not forget to include a heartfelt letter in the gift.

6. Trade material things for experiences. For the longest time people have been buying material things such as books, jewelry, cars etc as gifts. Times have changed and you are allowed to gift someone an experience.

Take your loved on a vacation, especially if it is somewhere they have always wanted to visit and you are guaranteed they will never ever forget the experience.

7.Listen to the hints. What do they talk about the most? What do they keep ranting on and on about? When you go to the mall, what grabs their attention or what do they look at the most?

For example if they keep talking about or keep looking at books, clothes or jewelry, you can take that as a hint and buy them as a gift this Christmas or New Year.

Remember, the most important thing when it comes to giving someone you love a gift is choosing something that comes from the heart.

Spending time with your people can also act as a gift, and a very valuable one at that. Do not just attach the monetary value to gifts, let them know that the gift comes from the sincerest of places and that they mean the world to you.