Nothing sells out elegance, class and beauty in a home like a good kitchen. Kitchens speak a lot about the house and the owner of the house.

Furnishing, painting, decorating and sprucing up a kitchen is time consuming, difficult and in most cases the exercise becomes frustrating.

This is when home owners call in expert interior designers to rescue the frustrated efforts. Interior designers are however really expensive and you can save your hard earned money by just getting the paint colour right.

Once you get the colour, everything else falls into place. Different colours are suitable for specific rooms. Let us take a look at colours that are best suitable for a kitchen.

YELLOW. Yes, ladies and gentleman yellow can make your kitchen stand out. Most people fear the colour yellow because of its screaming, bright and conspicuous nature. If you pick the correct shade, your kitchen will actually appear bigger and spacious. Let us not forget the fact that yellow has a calming and soothing effect. Embrace the colour yellow and watch your boring kitchen spring to life. yellow-painted-kitchen-designs-useful-creative-advice-7-477 Yellow-Painted-Kitchen-Cabinets kitchen-cabinets-modern-yellow-007-s31100443







These beautiful yellow kitchens are to die for. Look at how the light yellow shade in the first image gives the room a subtle yet colourful look. The second kitchen with yellow painted cabinets and white background is spectacular. The third kitchen with a bright hue is deliciously gorgeous. What is not to like about yellow kitchens?

RED. Red is a warm colour that is known to stimulate appetite. With this versatile colour you can never wrong. You can have your cabinets painted red with a white or cream white background. Alternatively, you can have the walls painted red with bright coloured cabinets and if you are bold enough with adequate light you can have both the cabinets and the wall painted red. Check out these fabulous red-painted kitchens and use them as motivation to make your kitchen beautiful.

original_John-Ryba-red-kitchen-cabinets.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960 red-kitchen-cabinets b8f43576b904310d7c7a3a479f93f7ce

The bright red shade in the first kitchen gives it a very high end and elegant look. The second kitchen with red cabinets, white walls and a touch of grey colour is absolutely gorgeous. The light shade of red in the last kitchen with soft coloured cabinets and adequate lighting works for those who love brightness, light with a touch of colour.

GREY. This might be the strangest thing you might have read but it is absolutely true. Grey is a fantastic colour for kitchens. The trick here is getting the right shade that will give your kitchen a very subtle and elegant touch. You can pair it up with different colours to bring the kitchen to life.Lime-Grey-White-Kitchen-Color-Scheme linwood-lamp-room-grey-zoom malton-painted-lamp-room-grey-zoom

No captions necessary for these simple and beautiful kitchens. Grey works its own magic in any room. Check out the subtle yet breathtaking touch in these kitchens. The fuse of grey and lime green in the first kitchen, grey and white in the second one and different shades of grey in the third one is nothing short of classy. 

BLUE. Research holds that three quarters of the world loves the colour blue and it is not difficult to understand why. Blue appeals to the eye, it is pleasant to look at. Light shades of blue give a clear, clean and refined look when painted in a room. Dark shades on the other hand gives a laid back and warm look but it is important to pair the darker shades with lighter colours like white and light hues of brown. Paint blue and watch your kitchen transform into awesomeness.

3Ikea-FAKTUM blue-kitchen-cabinets_gal d483b32f7353059267710c45cb38923c

How pleasant to the eyes are these kitchens? The gorgeous shade of blue in the first kitchen’s cabinets with white background is amazing. The light shade in the second gives the room a very peaceful and organized touch while the dark blue walls with infused with shades of white and light brown is unbelievably marvelous.

GREEN. Painting your kitchen green is a smart idea. Green is associated with nature, plants and vegetables and we all know that apart from the garden, vegetables are found in the kitchen. This colour exudes alot of energy but at the same time showing simplicity. Apart from blue, green is the other colour that is really pleasant to the eyes.With this colour, you can paint it on the walls, cabinets or even the floor of the kitchen. Go the green way!

2da119ba03d265ed_2348-w500-h400-b0-p0--traditional-kitchen Enchanting-Green-Kitchen-in-L-Shaped-Design-with-White-Tile-Backsplash-Ideas-Furnished-with-White-and-Green-Kitchen-Cabinets-Also-Completed-with-Black-Countertop-Ideas kitchenwonderful-kitchen-glamorous-green-kitchen-cabinets-

The dark green cabinets in the first kitchen with white background gives a very laid back but stunning finish. The combination of bright green and white cabinets and soft green on the wall in the second kitchen is creative and fancy. The shade of green in the third kitchen gives off a rustic, simple and elegant look.

MIXED COLOURS. This one is for all you risk takers and bold people out there. You can choose to mix up colours and end up with a popping, bright and colourful kitchen. You might be surprised to find that mixing colours will give you an unexpected result that will leave you thoroughly satisfied with your kitchen. You can choose to paint one section of the wall yellow and another one green or you can have different colours for each cabinet.

20150824_a7e5b9a344f4920fb117ir1vwlhfl4hr goCabinets-Colourful-Kitchens-06 harvey-jones-contemporary-rainbow-linear-kitchen

Mixing colours in the kitchen brings out a very playful, fun and funky look. Play around with colours and enjoy the outcome.

The colours you use in your home make a statement so go all the way out with it. The good news is you can make your kitchen look high end with only the right colour, but be wise when choosing the colours.