Chris Brown is being sued by a woman who says one of his friends raped her in Brown’s home, claiming she was also forced to perform oral sex on a woman who was on her period.

The site describes the woman as a Jane Doe as it reports that she has entered the case on anonymity. Her testimony holds that she attended a party at the R&B icon’s home in February 2017 where the alleged rape occurred and drugs like cocaine, molly and marijuana were abundant.

A female friend of his, allegedly locked her and other women into a bedroom and barricaded the door, the woman claims. Prior, her phone had been confiscated, as is the case in many exclusive, celebrity-hosted house parties, and Brown’s friend allegedly forced her and the other ladies into sex with Brown and his presumable affiliate, Lowell Grissom.

She claims that the unnamed female friend snatched her by her throat and forced her to perform oral sex on Grissom when she tried to leave. She also says this friend sat on her face, “using her legs to pin her down,” and made her perform oral sex on her next. The friend in question was allegedly menstruating as well, which she realized once she saw her face covered in blood in the bathroom.

Afterward, she details, she took a shower, only to be confronted by Grissom. When she attempted to leave the bathroom, he allegedly forced her onto the bed and raped her. He later allegedly held her up against a washing machine and raped her for a second time. The woman says she went to a rape treatment center and reported it to police following the alleged incident.

She is currently being represented by Gloria Allred, civil-rights attorney and mother of women’s rights attorney Lisa Bloom, famously-known for being enlisted by Hollywood women like Blac Chyna. Allred detailed the alleged incident, claiming that it was “one of the most horrific sexual assault cases” she’s ever seen. At a press conference on Wednesday (May 9), Allred read the alleged victim’s testimony in full, adding that Brown allegedly distributed drugs to the women, described as a “clear pill with white powder” inside of it, and told them to take it “in order to have a good time.”

Allred added that she allegedly refused to take the substance, and was intimated by the “aggressive behavior of some of Brown’s guests” and the “general atmosphere at Brown’s house.”

Considering that Allred added that the woman says police came to his home, but Breezy refused to open the gate, a police report could potentially be connected to the case.