Kenya Wildlife Services Chairman Richard Leakey

A section of conservationists have called for the resignation of KWS Chairman Richard Leakey failure to which they will file a court case.The conservationists have since been angered by Leakey’s move to allow the second phase of the standard gauge railway to pass through the middle of Nairobi National Park saying that it will have a negative impact to the animals living in the park.

After holding various demonstrations last year asking the government to re-route the standard gauge railway, the cry of residents of Kajiado North and conservationists seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

The phase two of the SGR will pass through the park as planned, an issue that does not augur well with the conservationists.

This has now resulted to mounting pressure on the KWS chairman Richard Leakey to step down on the basis of issuing wrong advise to the president regarding the matter.

The lobby group is has raised a red flag on the implementation of this project. They claim that some individuals in the government could be raking in billions meant for compensation of host communities.

Meanwhile the National Environmental Management Authority has been accused of ignoring all expert advice and allowing the railway to pass through the park.

The conservationists now say that Nairobi National Park is a legally protected area hence constructing a railway line in it is against the law.