Kenya may be faced with a shortage of rice following the unending downpour. water canals in the Mwea irrigation scheme  have reportedly destroyed the country’s biggest irrigation. The rains have destroyed water canals at the Mwea irrigation scheme, Kenya’s biggest rice irrigation scheme, that contributes 80 percent of the country’s rice production.

While speaking to a local news channel, the national irrigation board manager Morris Mutugi, the National Irrigation Board Scheme manager said the canals that were constructed in partnership with the Japanese government caved in due to the heavy downpour.

At the moment, with the onset of the planting season in the area being expected to begin many of the farmers cannot engage in the activity due to the heavy rainfall. Farmers are now calling on the government to intervene and repair the canals in good time to avert a major food crisis. The Mwea scheme that covers an area of 22,000 acres largely depends on irrigation to produce annually close to 60,000 tonnes of rice for consumption in the local market.

The continued rainfall witnessed in different parts of the country continues to throw many people in limbo not knowing what step to take next even as the ravaging floods continue to take toll on human life and property.

According to official data from the Kenya Red Cross more than 271,000 persons have been displaced by floods that is affecting more than 32 counties with the society indicating that this figure is expected to rise to more than 208,000 based on projections of the continued rainfall in flood-prone areas.