The Members of Parliament who took part in the dialogue meeting

The journey to end the CORD and Jubilee coalition standoff on the disbandment of the electoral and boundaries commission, IEBC continues.

And on Monday, members of parliament from the two coalitions held a meeting for more than three hours in Nairobi to look for a ways of bringing both coalitions together.

The MPs said that preparation and credibility of the next general election is not something that can be ignored and that they will come up with proposals that aim at preparing the country for peaceful elections.

They called upon both sides to embrace dialogue and asked leaders to be moderate in their public utterances and political mobilization.

They said they will engage all relevant stakeholders. The leaders however did not say if they had agreed on an exit plan for IEBC commissioners.

The leaders did also did not clarify is this was the beginning of the much talked about dialogue over the IEBC stalemate.