The council of governors have defended devolution  in counties  saying they will fight tooth and nail and to have devolved  functions  such a health not returned  to the national government.The governors accused the senators of sabotaging  counties and devolution instead of having a discussion of how to revert some health components back to the national government. The council of governors says, the senate and the national assembly should be addressing how to adequately fund county health services so that counties can optimally deliver on the same

The  war between the senators and the governors over some devolved functions seems to have gone a notch higher after the senate which  is charged with the oversight authority criticized and rejected the move by the governor to propose setting up of governors residential homes at 25  shillings

The governors argue that whereas the Senate plays the oversight role, they are not mandated to do budgeting for counties.

Where as The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union (KMPDU) are advocating for the Health function to be returned to the National Government tegcog claims it will take a referendum to have the  function taken over by  the national government .

The governors say that  Both the State of Nation and the State of Devolution Addresses highlight the successes witnessed in the health sector and counties have invested heavily on this sector bring current status despite the inadequate finances.

The Council of Governors says they  is prepared to defend this function and will not tolerate any institution that will attempt to sabotage counties and devolution.

The cog further argues that  Instead of having a discussion of how to revert some health components back to the National Government, the Senate and the National Assembly should be addressing how to adequately fund County Health Services so that Counties can optimally deliver on the same.

In regards to the ongoing debate on the immunity of Governors tehe cog  says that  Arraigning a governor in court and denying him or her bail so as to attract media and public attention is completely unnecessary and in bad faith.

Council of Governors (CoG) Chairman Josphat Nanok on Monday called on the Director of Public Prosecutions to stop ordering the arrest of Governors and demanded immunity from prosecution following the arrest and charging of their Busia counterpart, Sospeter Ojaamong.