David Cameron during the interview where he left humming a tune

How many times do you get to hear someone in an influential position like a politician or Prime Minister in this case hum a tune? It is a known fact that Prime Ministers and Presidents are groomed to act, speak and behave like majestic beings. They act so majestic that even when they join a crowd in a dance, the dance looks properly rehearsed making it a public relations stunt. British citizens however were treated to a rare occasion of David Cameron humming an interesting tune minutes after announcing when he would leave office.

Mr. Cameron was in an interview where he revealed Theresa May would be installed new Prime Minister and also told journalists that he would officially leave office on Wednesday when he will tender his resignation to the Queen.

The outgoing Prime Minister seems to have forgotten his broadcast mic was still on after concluding the interview as he majestically walked while humming a tune and concluding the hum with ‘right’ then removing the mic. Musicians across the UK had a field day trying to unearth the tune he was humming while others found it fit to sample and remix his humming which resulted into hilarious ballads. Some British citizens say that the humming was a clear indication of a sigh of relief that comes with him handing over the office to another person.

Whether it was a simple/casual humming or a joyful indication for leaving office it is evident that David Cameron enjoys a good tune.

Check out the video below.

Video courtesy of YouTube/Sky News