Gospel Artist DK Kwenye Beat has revealed the reason why he decided to hit the gym to lose weight and it is hilarious!

For the longest time now, the artist has been subjected to trolls and haters labelling him fat with fans telling him to hit the gym as soon as possible. Some even went as far as telling him that they would arrange a baby shower for him because he looks expectant.

He clapped back at the haters saying he takes the comments as a challenge and does not take them to heart. He further asserted that his weight has never been a hindrance to his performance as a musician further stating that his target weight is 75 Kilograms.

On Ebru TV’s Vuka 360 Gospel show, DK Kwenye Beat was asked by DJ Memz and DJ Justin why he decided to hit the gym and he said he does not want people to fight for his wealth when he dies of health complications.

He went on to talk about his new hit track, Kijana wa Kayole on the show.

Was it all a joke or was he for real? You be the judge


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