Eid, the post-Ramadan prayers and celebration by Muslims, has been slated for Tuesday June 4 across most parts of Africa and the world.

Mali became the “first country to observe the Eid”: after the new moon was sighted in a locality. The government subsequently declared today a national holiday for the purpose.

As at sunset, the following African countries had announced June 4 as Eid Day – Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sierra Leone, the Republic of Congo, Egypt and other African countries that have traditionally relied on Saudi’s announcement.

Saudi’s Supreme Court announced the Eid day after reports had widely circulated that the moon had been sighted in an area. The United Arab Emirates, UAE, also declared same along with other countries in the Gulf region.

Pakistan, India, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and others have all declared Tuesday for the Eid as has most countries across Europe and the Americas.