Farmers in this region of North rift have a reason to smile after the latest potato harvest machine was introduced in the country.

According to experts from Netherlands,this machine can harvest potatoes on 20 hectares per day.

Apart from harvesting,this machine can also be used to to cultivate land at the same time.

Contrary to many expectations, since the launch of this machine , a number of people have acquired jobs, especially those weeding on large potatoes plantations.

However plans are underway to establish potato factory in this region for chips and crips production thus increase income for farmers.

Potato is the second most important food crop, after maize in Kenya. It is cultivated by over 800,000 growers who are mostly small holder.

About 35,000 hectares of potatoes are grown annually in Kenya. Potato production has increased in recent years mainly due to growth in population and diversification of crops.

Potatoes need good climate condition,enough water and also fertile soil.

The most favourable climate conditions are found in areas with rainfall between 800mm and 1500mm,and altitudes of between 1,500m and 700m above sea level.

Potatoes can earn farmers approximately Shs50 billion if well managed.

Central Kenya ,Rift valley,and parts of coastal regions are the major areas where potato farming is highly practiced

Farmers are now required to embrace latest agriculture technology for better income.

35,000 hectares are grown potatoes
Potatoe production has increased in the recent days.
There are 8,000 potato farmers in the country.

Potatoes can earn farmers Shs 50 billion
Large amount of potatoes are consumed in urban areas.
Potato farming is largely practiced in Rift Valley