Janet Jackson and 50 Cent were both on the lineup for a big concert in Australia at Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium.

Now, while Janet was performing, someone on her team who was recording for her ig story backstage captured 50 smiling with glee while he watched Ms. Jackson perform. Here’s the part that has fans debating. The video pans over to 50 Cent while “Scream” is playing, which is a song that Janet did with her late brother Michael Jackson. 

Some fans thought she was being shady by tagging 50 given that 50 had a lot to say about the King of Pop not too long ago following the release of HBO’s  “Leaving Neverland.” Don’t forget 50 also got into it with Paris Jackson, who defended her father from 50’s online bullying. 

Other fans think that Janet may have spoken with 50 at the show and that her tagging him means that they’re on good terms.