Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi

In the last three months Ganze constituency has been on the lime light following the continued drought and famine that has led to starvation and death of livestock leading to a humanitarian crisis.Despite all the talk on drought farmers in Ganze, Kilifi county are overcoming the odds by cultivating their food through the Mdanji Irrigation Project in Kauma location.

The water they use is from River Sabaki which flows into the Indian Ocean day and night.

Mdanji irrigation project has sustained the area residents.

Kalama Gona a farmer here says that he cultivates his 4 acres maize plantation and also farms tomatoes, sukuma wiki, mchicha and other horticulture products to feed his family as well as sell at the local market.

The project currently supports 37 farmers and has changed their lives for they no longer rely on rain fed agriculture.

They sell their produce to meet their daily needs which include paying school feels for their children.