Entrance of the Chyulu Hills National Park in Tsavo East

Kenya boasts of the wildlife in game parks, a national park in the middle of the capital city, the warm beaches along the coastal region, the culture diversity which attracts both local and foreign tourists. But Chyulu Hills National Park is left out given the low number of tourists visiting the park every year. Surprisingly, Chyulu Hills National Park has the largest cave in Africa and the second largest in the world.

Nonetheless, the caves in the park is ranked the second in the world and the first in Africa

There are 13 lava tubes here with the longest measuring 11Km.

The park in Tsavo East National Park is situated near Kibwezi town along Mombasa road and stretches from Makueni to Kajiado counties.

According to Rose Malenya, the warden in charge of the park, many visitors who tour the park are foreign tourists.

The warden in charge of the park, Rose Malenya
The warden in charge of the park, Rose Malenya

Malenya says that students and other organization can tour the area for educational trips.

She observes that most tourists are used to visiting wildlife parks sidelining other tourist attraction sites like the Chyulu Caves which are unique features.

She says that they have arrested many people who trespass through the caves in search of the treasures which most people believe are hidden in the caves.

Even though the Chyulu hills park faces various challenges, Malenya says visitors’ numbers are all they need to forget the challenges.