Future stopped by @BigBoysNeighborhood and spilled tea on his upcoming album, his love life and what he hopes his legacy will be.

During the interview, Future explains how crazy his work schedule is and he even admits that he’s sacrificed what he believes was true love for his career. Though no names were mentioned, clearly he’s very aware that he knew he was in love but chose his career.

Later in the interview, Future got to his children and explained how he wants more kids. As of now, he has 6 kids but says he wants more. Apparently, from Future’s perspective he worked extremely hard to have his last name. Having more kids (specifically sons) will continue to carry on his last name and build his legacy as he puts it.

As we all know, he’s been tangled up in a very sticky situation between some of the women in his life. He recently had his sixth son with #JoieChavis, who we all know is #BowWow’s ex. Who dated Ciara, who has Future Jr. by.. you guessed. But y’all already knew that!