we’ve all seen how IN LOVE new mommy #GabrielleUnion is with her beautiful baby #KaaviaJames who she shares with #DwyaneWade, so it comes to no surprise how protective she already is.

Gab’s first priority is making sure her daughter is safe at all times and if that means everyone has to get up to date on their shots, then a round of shots it is!

According to @Blast, Gabrielle made a request to have Auntie #Oprah’s entire crew vaccinated before entering her home to do a sit-down interview with both Gabrielle and Dwayne.

This comes just days after she uploaded the sweetest video of her kissing baby Kaavia on the lips to which she was met with some backlash but quickly stopped the mommy shaming right in its tracks! She shared an IG post explaining she has a nurse on hand even assured people that she has “no visits with sick folk, and even all of Oprah’s crew got whooping cough vaccinations and current on all vaccinations to be in our home.”

Her interview with Auntie O, comes on tonight. Safe to say, Gab is not cutting any corners when it comes to her baby!