Refugee shelters at the Dadaab Refugee Camp

As the controversy surrounding the closure of Daadab refugee camp ensues, Garissa Governor Nathif Jama has opposed the bid to close down the refugee camp. The county boss has urged the government to iron out issues that can jeopardize the repatriation exercise. This despite the government’s firm stand to close down the camp citing security and environmental concerns.

Nathif claims that the camp’s closure will amount to disorientation of families now that the refugees have intermarried with the people from Garissa county.

Jama also fears that some disgruntled refugees may decide to revenge by joining Al shabaab if repatriated against their wish.

However, MPs from Narok county have firmly supported the national government on the camp’s closure claiming it will enhance security in the country.

Emurrar Dikirr MP Johana Ngeno says the government should take the refugees back to their country and affirm security both locally and in Somalia

Echoing his sentiments, Narok West MP Patrick Ole Ntutu calls for understanding from the international community because the camp.

The Kenyan government has reiterated the closure of the camp by November this year despite the pressure from the international community.