#GeorgeLopez is a cool dude, but not one you would play with.

Well, somebody needs to tell that to a man who allegedly harassed George, yelling pro-Trump sentiments while he was at a #Hooters restaurant in #NewMexico over the weekend.

George is known for being quite vocal about his criticism of #Trump but at Hooters, he was just trying to enjoy his meal on Sunday. So when a man, who also recorded the altercation and sent the video to @Tmz_tv began harassing George by yelling “MAGA”– among other things at him==basically provoked him into a fight, y’all can only imagine George was not having it.

In the video, the man is heard saying “Here comes my boy, George,” while filming. George then appears to grab the man at the back of his neck.


TMZ says that a “source close to George” told them that the man had been yelling “MAGA” and “pro-Trump comments” at George all night, prompting George to shut it down. George was in the area supposedly filming the movie “Walking with Herb.”

The good thing is, it did not appear that anyone was seriously injured and it wasn’t immediately clear if the authorities are involved. A rep for George did not immediately comment publicly on the matter.

Like we said, George has not been quiet about his distaste for Trump, even prior to him being elected. On a “Late Show” appearance in June 2016, George said, “Trump says the Mexicans love me. Let me tell you, I’m Mexican, we don’t,” according to the Huffington Post.