The Mwatia family mourned the death of their patriarch, Josephat Mwatia, who died Saturday night 7th October from what was believed to have been a cardiac arrest.

Mwatia was the father of two of the biggest musicians in Kenya, Daddy Owen and Rufftone. According to Daddy Owen, his father, 62, had just had dinner when he started complaining of chest pains in their rural home in Kakamega County.

“He was very ok, he had just had dinner with my mother and he excused himself to go to the toilet and the next thing my mother had him fall,” Daddy Owen said.

“She went to check and found my father on the floor complaining of chest pains and a few seconds later he died.”

The family organized funeral arrangements. “We will hold a thanksgiving service this Thursday at NPC Valley Road from 5pm to 7pm.” Owen said.

May his soul rest in peace.