Turkana county Governor Josephat Nanok

The Council of Governors has finally set a new date for its induction conference for newly elected county bosses and their deputies after postponing it twice.

The four-day event, whose theme is ‘better governance and accountability for ultimate devolution dividends to all Kenyans’ has now been scheduled for December 13th at the Diani Reef Hotel, Kwale county.

The 47 governors are set to kick off their induction in Kwale County after it was shelved twice following political uncertainty in the country.

The event is expected to orient 25 new Governors on the management and running of the devolved units as well as gains and challenges witnessed in the past four years of devolution.

Only 22 Governors retained their seats in August 8 General Election.
It will further offer the elected county chief executives a platform to share their experiences, as well as create a working rapport with donors, national government and the private sector.

Key topics to be discussed include public finance management framework for equitable distribution of revenue between the two levels of government, accountability and oversight as well as leadership and integrity issues.
The Council of governors postponed the forum which was initially supposed to be held in September and then October but did not give any further explanations.