Like every few months, we get news of another remake. This time the #Hollywood reboot machine is coming for the 90’s classic “Clueless.”

From the outfits to the one-liners, #Clueless has proven to be an iconic film and has held up over time.


But as much I’m attached to the original #Cher and #Dionne, I got hope for this remake because it’s being produced by ‘Girls Trip’s writer #TracyOliver. They also have another black woman writing the script, #Glow writer Marquita Robinson, according to @Deadline.

Now the movie is in the early development stages, so details are slim in regards to whether we gon’ get a fresh take for the millennium and if any of the older characters will be reprising their iconic roles. And there’s been no official word from the classic cast, which starred Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, Stacey Dash or Breckin Meyer.

The original film dropped in 1995 and was written by Amy Heckerling and was loosely based on Jane Austen’s “Emma.” It provided a satirical window into the Beverly Hills high school scene back in the 90’s. It also put many young actors and actresses on the map.

It’s hard for me to believe that many haven’t seen this film but in case y’all have not, it’s about protagonist Cher Horowitz, who is a superficial but well-intentioned teenager trying to find love while living life with her rich litigator father.

The movie was so popular that it actually got its own TV series that initially launched on ABC for one season before moving over to Paramount’s former UPN network for two seasons.

Clueless has gotten a sudden rise in popularity again as news of this remake follows recent headlines about the “Clueless” musical making its debut on Off Broadway with The New Group producing and Dove Cameron in the lead as Cher.