Former Barcelona president Joan Gaspart claimed that the Spanish football top league would not have returned to action after the break due to coronavirus pandemic had Real Madrid been at the top of the La Liga table.

Speaking to Tertulia del 10 del Barca on Wednesday, Gaspart said, “If Madrid had finished as leader before the confinement, La Liga would have ended.”

Hoping to see Neymar back in the club, Gaspart also said, “I would love to see Neymar at Barca. I understand that he can still contribute,” he said. “What I don’t know is the fine print. I forgive what it takes to get him back. I would like him to play for Barca.”

Star Brcelona forward Lionel Messi spoke to Adidas saying the restart to the season will be from the scratch. “I don’t think anyone could have seen something like this coming. Some people warned that worldwide pandemics could happen from time to time, but I really never could have imagined it would unfold like it did, or the enormous impact it’s having on virtually the entire world,” Messi said.

“Living or working with so much uncertainty is never easy, especially when faced with a situation as unheard-of as this one. We all wonder when we’ll get back to work, when we’ll start training and competing again. For any soccer player, it’s crucial to stay focused when you hit the field.

“When we start playing again, it will be like starting from scratch. We’ll have some time to get ready before the league starts up, and we’ll also get back key players on our team who were injured. Technically it will still be the same season, but I think every team and player will feel it’s different,” he added.