The induction of members of parliament hits day 2 at intercontinental Nairobi. Members are in breakaway groups and being taken through various house systems, house committees, legislative and procedures, legal and budgeting.

The induction process aims at among other things giving insights to members of the bicarmel parliament on the state of the economy and the opportunities for growth with specific focus on the Kenya economic report 2017.

The induction process has been specifically tailored to include break out session where by members are expected to interact more intensively with the core directorates that are critical in the performance of their functions as legislators.

On Monday the law society of Kenya led by Charles Kanjama provided orientation on matters to do with is estimated that around 186 members have no knowledge on the legislation process and are expected to benefit from that process.

On Tuesday In the afternoon there will be plenary on National Security and state of the economy in the country, inspector general joseph Boinnet and NIS Director General Kameru. Kepsa and Kippra officials. Are expected to make their representation.

The induction process is scheduled for completion on Friday with normal parliamentary sittings expected to resume on September 26th.