The Independent Policing Oversight Authority Chairman Macharia Njeru when he appeared before the Education Committee where he accused the IG of frustrating the organization's investigations

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) is now accusing the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett of frustrating investigations into police excesses by the oversight body.Appearing before the Education Committee, IPOA Chairman Macharia Njeru accused IG Joseph Boinnet of frustrating them when they go about investigating cases of police excesses. Case in point, the purported whipping of students of University of Nairobi by GSU officers.
Macharia further faulted the complacency by the school administration in providing required information that has also seen some students retract some of their statements.
The board further requested the committee to legislatively increase their capacity to arrest rogue police officers to ensure accountability in the police service.
The committee resulted to adjourn for two weeks and summoned the top authorities to appear before the committee to shed more light on the allegations being rallied against them.
In a another case of police versus IPOA, the authority has condemned the assault, detention and charging of its officer who was investigating misconduct claims at Kayole Police Station on Monday.
They again accused IG Boinnet of trying to micromanage the police oversight body but maintained that they will not be intimidated by anyone and will remain committed to exercising their mandate.

At the same time, the human rights commission has asked the IG to take stern action against the Kayole OCPD Ali Nuno who ordered the arrest of an IPOA officer who had gone to issue him with summons.