Statistics indicate that most Kenyans have either little or no trust at all in the police. This is according to an IPSOS survey which further shows that Nairobi is the most crime hit area standing at 17% while Nyanza is least crime hit at 5% in the last three months. The report also indicate that 58% of crime victims do not report the cases due to among other reasons loss of trust in the police while 40% of those who report fail to follow up the cases due what they termed as slow and inefficient police service. 20% do not report citing police inefficiency, 20% say police are corrupt while another 20% opt to deal with the issue by themselves. 12% say they would use other authorities while 3% fear the police.

The report further reveals that 60% of the those who report are completely not satisfied, 19% are somewhat satisfied while 13% are completely satisfied.

44% of those who are somewhat satisfied say its due to weak investigations by the police, 32% cite slow or no response while 22% owe this to corruption.

The research was conducted between 4th and 18th of June 2016 and involved 2067 Kenyan adults aged 18 and above living in both rural and urban areas.