FIFA, the world football governing body is in charge of all six continental football confederations. The body supervises the running of the AFC, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, OFC, CAF and UEFA.

CAF, the Confederation of African football has for the last two decades been under FIFA’s microscope for usually the wrong reasons. National football federations have regularly not escaped the wrath of FIFA, through threats of suspension and the investigation and banning of members from taking path in football activities.

From age cheating to crowd troubles and even match fixing scandals, these have frequently invited the body to Africa.

A recent tag on mostly the Confederation of African football by FIFA has been the ‘‘Normalization Committee.

The greatest of all broke loss when FIFA announced a normalization committee for Africa’s football governing body CAF.
A question I put to some journalists across the continent, Is FIFA meddling a little too much into African football?.

Angu Lesly joined the conversation from Buea in Cameroon.

Fernand Dedeh a former Journalist with the Ivorian National Television RTI, shares the same opinion that so long as Africa catches cold, FIFA will always be around.

The normalization syndrome affects the continent from North to South
East to West. Even the highly rated FA’s on the continent stand the risk.

Source: Africa News