Don Lorenzo Guidotti

An Italian Priest Lorenzo Guidotti sparked outrage on social media after blaming a 17-year-old girl for her rape.

The girl had told a story about getting raped by a North African immaigrant at a train station earlier this month, and the priest on Facebook, wrote a tirade about how it was her fault, Inquirer reports.

“I’m sorry but if you swim in the piranha tank you cannot complain if you lose a limb,” he wrote.

The post, which was visible to his friends alone, was published by Italian website Radio Citta del Capo, from where it went viral.

He also mocked the Italians welcoming immigrants to the country. He wrote:

Sweetie, I’m sorry, but… you get revoltingly drunk… and then who do you go off with? A North African?

Do you understand that, along with the alcohol, you’ve gulped down the ideological tirade about ‘welcoming everyone’?

Darling, at this point, waking up semi-naked is the least that could happen to you.

The Bologna archdiocese with which the priest is attached have distanced themselves from his views. His opinions “in no way reflects that of the Church, which condemns every sort of violence,” they said.

The priest, at first, said he wasn’t attacking the girls, but was “trying to make kids and their parents think.”

However, after more condemnation, he later tendered his unreserved apology to the victim and her family.