Jackline Mwende with Machakos Firts Lady Lilian Ng'ang'a when a section of female leaders visited Mwende at her home in Machakos

Jackline Mwende’s story, a woman whose hands were chopped off by her husband has raised a heated debate across the nation with various leaders calling for life imprisonment of the husband. Leaders led by Machakos Women Rep visited Jackline Mwende’s at her home in Kathama village, Machakos county to console the 27 year old.
It is during the visit that she came out publicly to say that she has forgiven her husband who chopped her hands for allegedly failing to bear children.
Mwende who seems to be coping with her condition is hopeful that her husband will not be let free to do the same to another woman.

Jackline will receive a monthly stipend of 30,000 Kenya shillings and she will have a aide at her disposal all the time.
She will also have her first treatment to receive prosthetic limbs all catered for by Bangladesh Embassy beginning Thursday.

The Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Kenya vowed to take up on the case and see to it that Mwende gets justice.

Leaders from all over condemned the attack on Mwende saying that the country should not condone such violence against women.

According to a marriage counselor, a situation like Mwende’s can be prevented if the two parties agree with the outcome of the lab results on child bearing issue. Counselor Nicholas Kaloki argues that societal pressure forcing persons in abusive marriages to stick and work them out should stop in order to avoid such incidences from happening.

Mwende has since been admitted at Kikuyu Mission hospital where she will be given artificial limbs.