If anyone is in the job search market, there are those who will use the conventional ways that include making a cold call into an office and ask for available opportunities. However, according to a recent kenya private sector alliance report many of the young Kenyans are moving online to carry out job searches. And as Kevin Kabuya reports this may be the trend moving forward with technological advancements.




Each year, universities and colleges churn out thousands of graduates into the market. The job market, on the other side, is not expanding to accommodate them. And with this many of the graduates use all means to expand their searches for opportunities.


This has seen many of them move online as a way to land this opportunities that fly past around many like a whisk.


According to Seven Seas Technologies CEO Michael Macharia noted that online platforms can be used to create jobs that will eventually boost the country’s GDP.


Speaking during KEPSA round table meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Macharia said there was need to streamline such programmes to make it possible for one to match skill and need in the market.


As a way to fill this gap tech company Google launched a job search software in partnership with job search companies as a way to provide the linkage between an employer and a potential employee.