Kenyans have poured their hearts out for TV reporter Sharon Baranga who was hit by a double tragedy. 

Sharon lost her father and days later lost her job in the ongoing reorganisation at Nation Media Group. 

She announced on Twitter that her father had rested on June 5, 2020, to a heartwarming reception on Twitter.

“I lost a part of me. I lost my dad. Kindly, whisper a word of prayer for my family,” she urged. 

On July 3, she received a termination letter from her employer and was heartbroken.

“I have lost my dad and job in one month. It is well. I am hanging in there. Thank you all for the calls, messages and prayers,” she posted to her followers. 

Her news sparked an outpouring of love from fellow journalists and her fans. 

BBC journalist Ian Wafula reached out with a message of prayer and hope. 

“I thought about this as soon as I heard. So sorry Sharon Baranga. Take heart, it must be a very difficult time. Praying and hoping that God opens up bigger and better opportunities for you,” he urged the journalist. 

“May God give you grace Sharon, and set out a new path for you,” Linda Oguttu advised. 

Over 300 journalists have lost their jobs since Covid-19 struck and many have taken their careers to the digital sphere. 

The best example is Asha Mwilu, Betty Kyallo and Jalang’o who have set up YouTube platforms.