Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has launched a new scheme to invade former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s backyard to dissuade them from supporting the ODM leader.

The delegation was received by the Kapseret MP on August 1, 2020 where they vowed to throw their weight behind Deputy President William Ruto. 

The DPs camp has launched a charm offensive in a region considered as Odinga’s stronghold. 

Sudi had first met the group in Kisumu when he visited the county in July, when they conveyed their wish to join Ruto. 

They also asked for support to help them make a living and sustain themselves amid job losses occasioned by Covid-19. 

“Among other issues, we discussed at length about the political predicaments the community is currently facing. They expressed their need to liberate themselves from the chains of dynastic rule the region faces.

“I am glad they positively responded to my request to join the hustler nation,” the MP posted on Facebook. 

He also took a dig into the former PM and his handshake partner President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He accused the duo of promoting ethnicity by supporting the allocation of more resources in densely populated areas by reducing allocation in expansive counties with less population.  

The vocal MP stated that the stalemate in the Senate had been caused by lack of leadership in the country. 

He urged senators to find a way to allocate more money to populous counties without reducing resources to the sparsely populated regions. 

“I humbly request all the senators to be fair enough and not to victimize other counties on formula for revenue allocation. Let’s adopt a win-win formula where no county is losing,” he proposed.