Comedian Katherine Ryan has described how her boyfriend fought off an intruder at her home to save a laptop containing the scripts to her new show.

In an Instagram Story, the Canadian showed police at her London home and wrote: “Cool to be robbed tonight by a masked man in our home.”

The 36-year-old appealed for help in tracing a ring that was stolen.

Ryan is known for stand-up and panel shows but has written a Netflix sitcom, The Duchess, about a single mother.

She previously told Radio Times that writing the series “was a challenge because I’m not a screenwriter who’s experienced, I don’t know the rules”.

And in an Instagram clip posted at the weekend, she pointed out blood on the laptop and told followers: “This is why I love Bobby K [Kootstra]. He got in a fight and wrestled back my Netflix series, all my scripts.”

Kootstra was the childhood sweetheart with whom Ryan was reportedly reunited after two decades during a chance meeting while filming for BBC series Who Do You Think You Are? in her hometown of Sarnia, west of Toronto.

She has been living in London for more than a decade and has a young daughter she regularly mentions in her comedy routines.

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In another post after the burglary, Ryan suggested she was finding it hard to sleep.

“That’s fine, I never liked sleeping anyway,” she said.

Source: African News