Jubilee Christian Church Reverend Kathy Kiuna has opened up about her struggle since the closure of churches countrywide.

While appearing in an interview on Sunday, May 24, the outspoken church leader disclosed that she has been affected by the lack of a congregation to address as her church commands hundreds of faithful.

She further noted that the feeling was mutual for pastors and their flock as the congregants also experience difficulties in reaching their religious leaders.

“Obviously, it is not easy for a pastor who has a church, it is not easy for a pastor to be in a situation where we are here and we are not congregated. Yet congregating is according to the word of God.

“We must come together as the body of Christ. Even for the congregants, it is not easy,” stated Kiuna.

She further advised other pastors to keep praying wherever they were arguing that as much as they were facing difficulties, the church could never be split and the pandemic would pass.

“One thing I want to let us know is that even as we are praying as pastors, I want us to know that the church of Jesus Christ can never be stopped. 

“I want us to know that no matter what is going on, God knows and He is holding his church together and we believe we will come back into a revival. I am praying for every pastor to trust God for a revival so that we can come out victorious,” she added.

Several pastors have been lamenting of tough economic times since the closure of churches in an order given by President Uhuru Kenyatta with some seeking other avenues to make ends meet.

A Kitui pastor by the name Peter Musyoka was forced into selling smokies and eggs after losing a steady source of income.

Musyoka, a father of six, says the closure of churches has left him hard hit. 

“Most pastors are having it rough because they would get something small from the offerings and tithes that they would collect but now we are sleeping hungry,” Musyoka stated at the time.