Kenya Red Cross society in partnership with Kitui county ,launched the ndengu revolution known as Inua Mkulima food security project ,that targets approximately 200,000 smallholder farmers .

The project will enhance food security in the county, support livelihoods and build community resilience to disasters.

The Ndengu Revolution also known as “Inua Mkulima” is a food security project that seeks to improve food security and livelihood of Kitui residents as well as reduce poverty through rural development and train small-scale farmers alongside provision of financial services.

Kitui has been one of the regions most affected by the impact of the failed rains, that have occasioned the current drought crisis in Kenya thus the project targets approximately 200,000 small holder farmers.

Preparations are however underway, targeting the short rainy season of October-November-December ,where a normal to enhanced rainfall is predicted in the county.
The targeted communities will receive high grade and quality certified green grams seeds for agriculture due to its good yielding, high returns and the community’s understanding of green grams farming.

Each household will be issued with a 2Kgs packet of seeds which is enough for planting in a half acre farm and the project is estimated to cost about ksh 100 million.

Kenya Red Cross Society will also collaborate with the county government to secure ready market for the farmers, by organising them into cooperatives that can market their produce in bulk.