Kenyan Alex Ndiritu, who has been accused of igniting ‘burn White House’ protests from the comfort of his home in Nyeri, has spoken out about the incident.

While appearing on KTN News on Saturday, May 30, Ndiritu called out the US government led by President Donald Trump of ignoring calls for justice of the slain George Floyd accusing them of receiving substantial information but failing to act.

He drew his conclusion after the state took interest in his online messages despite him residing thousands of kilometers away from the center of the protests.

“Just like the way they took interest with my tweet, that tells you that there no information that goes to those offices that do not reach the president of that country.

“In fact, I don’t know George, I have never met him but you see how he is a black man but I am not a fool and I am supposed to be treated right,” stated Ndiritu.

He went on to note that he had grown conscious of being traced by the intelligence unit of the American Government to a point he no longer accepted Facebook friend request believing that it was an avenue for the detectives to trace all his moves.

He further disclosed that since his name became a trending topic on Friday, May 29, he has become fearful for his safety as he increasingly received phone calls and messages from people he did not recognise.

“I decided to tweet because it was too much. It is very painful to realise that it is a government official who did that act. It is too hurting. How I wish it was just a general person out there.

“Yesterday, I was not accepting friend requests on Facebook. It was a bit scary. I was fearing that intelligence. Just a friend request and then they start tracing you through that,” he added.

Ndiritu rattled US activists with his comment on violence in the US by alleging that protestors should head to the White House, the official residence of US President Donald Trump.

“Burn Whitehouse now… We are not turning back,” he commented on a live video streaming the burning of a police station in the US.

His comment attracted a number of social media users including US comedian Terrence K Williams, who asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Secret Service to take the threat seriously.

“They are threatening to burn the White House! We must protect President Trump and his administration. All threats must be taken seriously,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

Source: Kenyans