One of the schools that was burnt down by students. Kenyans now want students to be heard to curb the rising cases of arson

Cases of arson in schools are on the rise in the country something that has made teachers unions as well as politicians call for the closure of schools immediately as well as the re-introduction of corporal punishment in schools. However, those calls continue to be opposed.

On Thursday, a section of education stakeholders said such measures could solve the unrest in the education sector. They said parents, teachers and boards of management of affected schools should compile reports as they wait for the task force to probe the burning of schools.

According to a report by Twaweza Kenya, 34% of Kenyans want students to be given a chance to air their grievances as a way to curb school unrests, 24% want students to be guided and counseled, 19% want corporal punishment to be re-introduced in schools, 17% want teachers and parents to deliberate on the way forward, 12% want culprits to be expelled and 6% want the culprits to be jailed.

On whether Kenyans are aware of any reforms in the education sector, 41% said that they have heard about the curriculum reforms, 26% are aware of the new rule of not visiting students on the third term and 8% are aware of the procurement of text books in public schools.
During the release of the report, the issue of re-introduction of ranking in schools was opposed.

The survey was conducted between 16th and 30th of July and 7th and 28th of June this year whereby 1,783 people were interviewed from all over the country.