The national assembly will resume sittings this afternoon for the 2nd session of the 12th parliament. The legislators coming in with a full in tray of pending bills and legislation’s to make. After a two month recess, the bicameral house commences sittings today at 2.30 with 14 pending bills constituting their key agenda. According to the notice paper, the cyber crime bill of 2017, the petroleum and exploration bill that was referred back to parliament by president as well as physical planning bill will be prioritized.

Order paper

  1. i) Cybercrime bill
  2. ii) Physical planning bill

iii)        Petroleum and mining bill

  1. iv) Energy bill
  2. v) Irrigation bill

The petroleum bill had proposed 5% revenue share for local communities and it came to haunt former Turkana senator john munyes during the vetting exercise in the in tray will be the approval of  7house business committee members Amos Kimunya, Joyce Ekai, Shadrack Mose, Kawira Mwangaza, Omboko Milemba ,Mishi Mboko and Dr. Makali Mulu.

After a back and forth by the legislators in the 1st session of the 12th parliament they failed to approval the final list of members to the parliamentary service commission from both coalition with a section of quarters feeling shortchanged on the initial list. Some of the members in the NASA list include Homabay women rep Gladys Wanga, Aisha Jumwa and ANC’s George Khaniri while prominent names in the Jubilee coalition include Beth Mugo, Aaron Cheruiyot and Naomi Shaban. The house plenary will also be expected to table the cabinet vetting report for the subsequent approval or rejection of the list with the NASA coalition remaining adamant in their non -participation of the process.